AvaniVanam Farm

Immerse Yourself In Nature

Avani Vanam is an exceptional place of serenity, where tranquility soothes your soul. It’s created by a seasoned farmer who has used his 3 decades of expertise to convert around 50 acres worth of paradise farmland from Deccan Plateau rocks.

Avani Vanam is a go-to place for the ones wanting to unwind from their hectic lifestyles and restore themselves by reconnecting with nature, as well as experiencing serenity and recalling cherished memories. It’s a retreat for you, with variety of fruits and vegetables, as well as a distinct mix of animals. The farm is designed as a tribute to our long-ago ancestors’ agricultural methods and styles.


Life at Avani Vanam

Local & Organic Cuisine

Rural Agricultural Life

Nostalgic Games

Activities with Nature

Mango Trees
Mausambi Trees
Sitafal Trees
Coconut Trees

whats special

Best of Farming Methods & Produce

Organic Process

100% Organic Soil

100% Organic Food

Pure Water

Avani Vanam has a saucer-shaped land. The specialty of this land is that it was never tilled before, which by default makes the land organic. Also, as the land has a unique shape, it does not allow chemical fertilizers and harmful pesticides from neighboring farms to enter the crops.

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Vana Viharam - A home far from home


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